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Here at American Glories, our mission is to honor those men and women who protect, defend, and serve our country every day from the military men and women protecting us overseas to the first responders ready at a moment’s notice to keep us safe at home. These are people who put the safety of others before that of themselves, the brave few who put themselves in danger so others don’t have to. Today, we’ll be directing your attention to our patriotic apparel honoring one particular group among these courageous folks: firefighters. 

What’s it like to be a modern-day firefighter?

The realm of firefighting has changed much in the past few decades. Firefighters aren’t responding to the same high number of fires as they once were thanks to modern building codes, public awareness, and fire prevention systems. That being said, the modern fire is often more dangerous than a fire would have been in the 1970s or ‘80s. Back then, buildings were constructed using dimensional lumber and brick, which will hold up for some time even after catching fire. Modern remodels, renovations, and new construction practices, however, often use materials that are lighter weight, such as engineered lumber, which is made from wood veneers and particles, glues, and resins. Although strong and therefore ideal for modern, open-concept home construction, these new engineered materials won’t stand up to fire the same way traditional materials once did, which creates many new challenges for the modern-day firefighter.

For example, firefighters were once able to use the 20 minute rule, which gave them an average of 17 minutes to get everyone inside the structure out before smoke inhalation and structural issues made it too dangerous to continue on. Modern building practices have made this rule unreliable with buildings becoming structurally unstable after just minutes of being on fire. This is just one example of the many new challenges facing the modern-day firefighter.

Support the firefighters in your life with patriotic apparel from American Glories.

Do you have a firefighter parent, sibling, spouse, or friend? Show all of the firefighters in your life your thanks for their efforts in keeping you safe with a firefighter sweatshirt, T-shirt, or glassware gift from American Glories. Our patriotic apparel makes great gifts, and our selection is sure to include the perfect piece for the firefighter on your mind. Our firefighter shirts include a wide variety of graphics in a variety of styles. Shop today to find the perfect gifts for the firefighters in your life.

We hope you choose American Glories for all of your patriotic apparel needs. In addition to our gifts for firefighters, we also carry patriotic apparel and other finds for every branch of the military, for police officers, for EMTs, and more. We are a veteran-owned and operated online retailer dedicated to paying homage to those who protect, defend, and serve the United States of America. A portion of every purchase is donated to a Veteran Non-Profit, so shop today! Have questions about our website, our return policy, or one of our products? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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