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Don’t settle for the same old boring glassware for your home bar, especially not if you’re a part of the military veteran community. When you shop patriotic glassware online at American Glories, a veteran-owned and operated online retailer, you’ll find tankards, shot glasses, sets, and more themed for most branches of the United States Military. Do you dream of a devil dog-themed home bar/game room? We have the glassware for you. Shop today to find the perfect patriotic glassware for your home bar.

A Few Favorites

US Marine Corps Set - Once and Always a Marine ($61.74)

One of our best selling Marine Corps glassware sets is this collector set, which includes one 25oz tankard, one 23oz pilsner glass, one 16oz pint glass, and one 2oz shooter shot glass. This set features a dramatic devil dog graphic with banners that read, “Once a marine, always a marine.” The bulldog on this graphic is sporting a boonie hat and one vicious expression. Embrace your inner devil dog with this patriotic glassware set.


US Army Tankard - Double Flag ($27.74)

This 25oz tankard is one of our best selling pieces of US Army glassware. Featuring a double flag graphic, this tankard makes a great gift for the US Army active member or veteran in your life, or invest in a few for a full US Army-themed home bar. The banners on this tankard read, “Since 1775; This We’ll Defend; United States Army.” Get a whole set, or mix and match this tankard with our other patriotic glassware options.


US Air Force Shooter - Double Flag ($8.25)

Our selection of patriotic glassware also includes individual shooter shot glasses, such as this best selling US Air Force shooter. The graphic on this shot glass features a United States Air Force emblem, a double flag design, and banners that read, “Since 1947; Defending Freedom; United States Air Force.” Our individual shooters make the perfect pieces to mix and match into your own US Air Force shooter set.

US Navy Mug - Full Print Eagle ($24.74)

This 20oz mug will make the perfect gift for the active member or veteran of the US Navy in your life. Add this mug to your home bar for hot beverage options. The sleek graphic featured on this mug includes a US Navy double anchor emblem and a banner that reads, “The sea is ours.” Keep shopping our patriotic glassware online to discover our other 20oz mug options.

Patriotic Shooter - United We Stand ($9.74)

Remember September 11th when you add this patriotic 2oz shooter shot glass to your home bar glassware collection. Featuring a gorgeous eagle, flag, and the New York Skyline with the “tribute in light,” the graphic on this shot glass is both simple and powerful. The text on this piece of patriotic glassware reads, “United We Stand; Land of the free, home of the brave.”  

POW MIA Tankard - You Will Never Be Forgotten ($27.74)

Finally, remember our fallen heroes with this 20oz tankard featuring a dramatic, blue-lit graphic. The graphic on this tankard features a kneeling soldier holding a battlefield cross and reads, “Honor, Service, Sacrifice; In memory of our fallen brothers; you will never be forgotten.” This tankard will make a great addition to your other patriotic glassware.


If none of these designs catch your fancy, don’t worry. This is just a small sample of our wide selection of patriotic glassware available online. We also have firefighter-themed glassware, glassware for law enforcement, and more. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our website, products, return policy, or anything else, we can be reached via our online contact form.

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