1 in. x 4 in. Pack of 6 Please Close Door Gently Sign︱Close Door Slowly Window Stickers For Taxi's, Uber, Rental Vehicles

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✅ NOTICEABLE AWARENESS THAT PROMOTES COURTESY- These labels draw attention and inform passengers, guests, visitors and employees to close the car door slowly. Their small size makes them ideal for installing to the exterior or interior of the door windows. Our product a useful tool that helps protects and extends the usage of your vehicle.

✅ DURABLE PREMIUM SELF-ADHESIVE VINYL STICKERS- screen printed with state of the art machinery and long-lasting inks. For precise, consistent and clean cuts our decals are die-cut. Laminated with UV protective film for extra protection and durability creating a waterproof, weatherproof, scratch, graffiti and UV resistant signs, that will not fade and last for at least 5 years exposed to outdoor elements.

✅ HIGHLY VISIBLE RECOGNIZED SIGN- bold and simple letters that reaches an eye catching and high impact communication. It’s ideal size can be read and identified from a fair distance from vehicle door. 

✅ EASY INSTALLATION- for optimum results of our high-performance stickers, we recommend thorough cleaning of the surface to remove dirt, dust, grease, or silicone before applying the sticker. <b>Peel and stick on flat and smooth surfaces such as windows, metals, car dash and doors.