Covid-19 Precaution Sign Decals︱Corona Virus Safety Signage

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High impact sign that draws attention and creates awareness. Designed with the 3 most effective preventive measures to flatten the curve the Covid-19; wash your hands, wear masks and practice social distancing 6 feet apart. Eye catching colorful decals that combines vibrant contrasting colors and symbols for easy reading. Made in the USA with commercial rate vinyl adhesive. 

✅  NOTICEABLE SIGN- that informs employees and guests about the precautions to help prevent the spread of covid. Our sign has recognizable symbols for handwashing, face mask, and gloves.

✅  HIGHLY VISIBLE RECOGNIZED SIGN- bold letters and contrasting vibrant colors with health and PPE graphics that achieves a high impact communication.

✅ QUALITY MATERIALS- made with adhesive vinyl digitally printed with long-lasting inks. For extra protection and durability our signage is laminated with UV film that prevents fading, scratches and is weatherproof.

✅ EASY INSTALLATION- peel and stick on clean surface. For indoor and outdoors.