7 in. x 10 in. Pack of 2 Emergency Exit Only Alarm Will Sound If Door is Opened Sign Stickers Reflective

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✅ NOTICEABLE EMERGENCY EXIT SIGN- that draws attention and informs people the exit is for emergency use only alarm will sound if door is opened. Bright reflective decals that glows in the dark when lighted. Marking exits noticeably and correctly is important for an effective emergency evacuation plan.

✅ PREMIUM MATERIALS- digitally printed with long-lasting inks on engineering grade reflective film. For extra protection and durability our signs are laminated with a clear film that creates a coat that will not fade and is resistant to graffiti’s, abrasions, solvents and chemical splashes. For indoor and outdoor. 

✅ HIGHLY VISIBLE EASY TO READ- designed with vibrant red and big bold  black letters and contrasting reflective white background that reaches a high impact communication that enhances the fire safety procedures.

✅ EASY INSTALLATION- peel and stick over clean smooth surfaces like door, window and wall. For optimum adherences, make sure area is free of dirt, grease, oil and dust. Our product is often used in industrial, utility, commercial, and institutional environments