4 in. x 8 in. Employees Must Wash Hands Sign︳Plastic Restroom Sign

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Heavy-duty Employees Must Wash Hands sign, printed with long lasting inks. Made in the USA with commercial rate vinyl and polystyrene plastic . For extra protection and durability our restroom sign is laminated with UV film, prevents fading, resist chemical splashes and is weatherproof. 

✅  EYE CATCHING RESTROOM SIGN - that inform employees and visitors of the facility's hygiene policies. Combines recognized symbol and text that are easy to identify by transcending literacy and language barriers. 

✅  DURABLE QUALITY MATERIALS- digitally printed with and long-lasting inks. For extra protection and durability our sign is laminated with UV protective film that prevents fading, abrasions, scuffing, smudging, and last for at least 5 years exposed to outdoor elements and withstand many more years in an indoor comercial environment.

✅  HIGHLY VISIBLE RECOGNIZED SIGN- designed with bold letters, contrasting vibrant colors and graphic panel that reaches high impact communication. Its design easily compliments any decor.

✅ EASY INSTALLATION- conveniently includes double side adhesive mounting tape. Our signs can be attached at the entrance mirrors, doors or walls. Perfect for restaurant, retail, store, medical and public usage.