Hand Sanitizer Stand Signs Stickers 4 in. x 10 in.︱Sanitize Dispenser Station Decals

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Using hands sanitizer is one of the best recommended health department and CDC guidelines. Made in the USA with commercial rate vinyl with an anti-vandal protective over laminate. High impact labels for sanitize dispenser stations that are ideal for classrooms and business usage. Our signage draws attention and creates awareness of proper sanitation. Designed with bold letters with contrasting vibrant colors and symbol for easy reading. Since all of our product line is made in-house, we are capable of shipping bulk quantity orders.

✅  EYE CATCHING- designed with vibrant contrasting white and blue colors with bold red letters that highlights the location of the sanitizing stations. To communicate the information quickly and across language barriers our hands sanitizing signs combines symbol and text.

✅  MADE TO LAST- American made high quality self adhesive vinyl. For extra protection and durability our signage has an over laminated that prevents fading, abrasions, chemical splash resistant and is weatherproof. Our signs are commonly purchase for business, office and school usage.

✅  DURABLE PRINT- high definition digital print with long lasting inks pigmentation the will last at least 3 years outdoors and more than 5 years indoors.