7 in. x 10 in. No Smoking No Vaping Sign︱No Smoking Sign

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✅ NOTICEABLE WARNING THAT STOPS UNWANTED SMOKING AND VAPING - These sign draws attention and inform visitors, customers and employees of the non-smoking policies in your business or property. Our product is a useful tool to help protect the health, safety and reduce risk of flammable hazard concerns.

✅ DURABLE QUALITY PLASTIC SIGN - digitally printed with long-lasting inks on a commercial rated PVC base. Laminated with anti-vandal protective film for extra protection and durability creating a waterproof, weatherproof, scratch, graffiti and UV resistant signs, that will not fade and last for at least 5 years exposed to outdoor elements

✅ HIGHLY VISIBLE RECOGNIZED SIGN - bold letters and simple graphics to reach an eye catching and high impact communication. For best results we use the international official recognized electric cigarette and smoke free symbols, creating easy identification that transcend literacy and language barriers.

✅ EASY INSTALLATION - Our sign can be mounted with double sided tape, nailed or screws, your choice. They can be installed to walls, doors or fences.