2 in. X 8 in. Pack of 2 No Soliciting Plastic Sign

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✅ NOTICEABLE SIGN THAT DETERS UNWANTED VISITORS - these signs draw attention and inform unwanted knockers to respect your privacy and not interrupt.  Our no soliciting plastic signs are a useful tool that helps protect your home from strangers trespassing. As a business sign they get the message across to the undesired salesman that they are not accepted.

✅ DURABLE MATERIAL - digitally printed with long-lasting inks on PVC base. Laminated with anti-vandal protective film for extra protection and durability creating a  coat that is waterproof, weatherproof, graffiti and UV resistant, that will not fade and last for at least 5 years exposed to outdoor elements.

✅ HIGHLY VISIBLE RECOGNIZED SIGN - simple design with bold letters and contrasting vibrant colors that reaches an eye catching and high impact communication.

✅ EASY INSTALLATION - our labels can be installed with double sided tape, nails or screws, your choice. They can be installed in yards, walls, doors, windows and fences.